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The Educated blog serves as a place for Michael Perlman, the administrator of this and many other sites, to express his thoughts about current trends and review products in the technology field, and to ramble about various other topics.

(The Educated blog was formerly focused very much on transportation in New York City, but as time progressed, Michael’s involvement in the transit community basically completely diminished.)

Michael Perlman is a high school student who lives in the New York City area, which provides him with access to various resources in technology (like Apple stores). Michael views technology and new media as tools that should be integrated into people’s daily lives (which explains his massive addiction to Twitter).

Michael’s involvement with the community encompases this blog, his slowly progressing podcast, and his editing work for Daniel Brusilovsky (and his podcast, Apple Universe). Also, Twitter is Michael’s most favored social media platform, having served over one thousand of Michael’s “tweets”.

Michael primarily spends his time reading up on the latest news, rumors, and product releases in the technology world, but also enjoys watching House and skiing when he’s not sitting on his Herman Miller Celle® chair.