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Need WordPress Themes

I’ve used the trusty Regulus theme for many months, and liked it (still do), but it’s time for a new theme. I peeked around, and found the Anaconda theme (very nice three-column layout, supports widgets and many other plugins right out of the box), but even that doesn’t satisfy my desire for a nice theme. I’m looking for a three column layout with either white text on a black or dark gray background, or black text in a white content area (meaning black on the sides of the content area). Anyone know of anything?

Conquered HTML / CSS Problems

A few minutes before I started writing this post, I found myself pondering at a little display issue over here at Educated (where I use Binary Moon’s Regulus theme). In the sidebar on your left, you should see a section called Links, with a few links to my other sites. Before it used to be displayed as a second column parallel to Categories, widening the sidebar more than I would have liked it to be. So I dug into the theme’s sidebar.php file and started commenting out lots of stuff (mostly <div> tags), saving and consantly refreshing my browser, seeing if it acheived the desired effect. I also spent a few mintes trying to get everything up to valid XHTML, which – I’m telling you now – is not easy work, unless you are an expert or something.

Anyways, I managed to figure out how the formatting in the sidebar works – a whole lot of stuff is contained within a giant <div>, with a specific CSS class, which gives you the proper fonts, font sizes, and positioning of the text in the sidebar. I don’t know whether Ben Gillbanks intended for his template to be overly complicated to work with, but I think I’ve mastered his monstrosity of a creation, from the pages navbar to the sidebar. Next task: figure out how to make my own WordPress theme.

Getting in to the Blogging Craze

I decided I’m going to start writing blog entries regularly now. I think I have lots of computer knowledge that serves little purpose just being stuck in my head. I’ll try to write an entry daily, and share my repository with the world.

Getting lots of hits here

Today I was looking in my StatCounter pages (if you may have noticed, you might see your browser contacting the StatCounter site, or see the tracking code in the source), and saw lots of hits refered from the Hermit Crab association site, Google, and the Trap17 free hosting forum. I like the fact that people find interest in my blog, and would like it to continue. This is the second of my two successful sites that I didn’t abandon, and both of them are doing pretty well (people are doing lots of Google searches for things like “mesivta of roslyn” and “mambo 100webspace” and “royale.theme” for instance).

Upgrade to WordPress 2.0 Completed

Sure it’s a little late, but I got the upgrade to WordPress 2.0 done without any problems. I just downloaded a complete site backup in cPanel, as well as a database backup just in case a problem wasn’t really bad. I spent about 10 minutes uploading the WP 2.0 files, went to the upgrade.php file, and Bam! I was done. That was really easy, and I enjoy (most of) the new WP 2.0 features (including the Split Post with More tag in the writing page, but not the layered post options on the right of the same area). Overall satisfaction (ease of upgrade, usefulness of new features): 4 of 5 stars.