When To Quit Blogging

Lorelle reports on when people should stop blogging: when it’s getting boring, when you don’t have time, when you can’t think of anymore original content, and a few others. Do you think it’s time to stop blogging?

WordPress Music Video: It’s Called WordPress

While including one slightly family-unfriendly line in his lyrics, Devin made up a pretty corny music video themed around WordPress. Talking in a southern accent, he highlights the main advantages of WordPress, and adds a spin of comedy.

Overlapping Words For Strong Passwords

Ilya Lichtenstein writes about his new method for generating hard-to-crack passwords. The method consists of inserting letters of one word between the letters of another word. Pretty novel algorithm if you ask me.

Todo Management: Hi Tech and Hip Tech

Web Worker Daily points out 20 different ways, both digital and, well, analog to keep track of what you’re doing in life. From commercial software to freebies to a stack of index cards with a binder clip, there’s bound to be something simple or snazzy enough for you to get your thoughts in line.

For Your AJAX Apps: Loading Icon Generator

Weblog Tools Collection came across this great Web 2.0 freebie, which lets you generate those throbber icons for your site. Big time saver, and produces nice-looking icons too.

Useful Tips for WordPress Theme Design

cre8d design has written a pretty good list of resources for WordPress theme developement. They include one of my personal favorites, W3Schools.com, which has a lot of useful Web tutorials.

Shortness of Sleep

When you wake up in the morning, you feel like you just went to sleep a few minutes ago. “Why so soon?” That’s how I feel at about 7:00 every day. Perhaps the only way we can alleviate that feeling is to go to sleep at eight every night.