A Rescued Procrastinator

Anybody who knows me pretty well knows that I don’t exactly run on a schedule. I often don’t finish doing homework until minutes before it’s due, and get into conflicts with my dad (or used to at least) about getting into the shower on time. It seems that I keep on waking up later and later every week. How am I going to survive if I keep putting everything off?

I’ve tried several methods for keeping myself organized and on track. I began with Devin’s weekly scheduler, in hopes of being able to remember to do everything that I plot out on it. After that failed, I set up my own spreadsheet, with three periods for each day (morning, school, and evening; on Saturday, school is replaced with daytime). This was extremely poor, receiving just one or two entries. I knew that I was seriously failing to keep myself heading straight.

Then came David Seah. His Printable CEO™ series looked like a viable solution. I browsed around his site for a while, looking at his forms and other articles (I have to say, he’s a beautiful writer). Last week, I took a deep look at his Task Progress Tracker Form. It’s mainly built for designers and other freelancers who work on individual projects, but I found that by filling in the project name box with “my Life / School”, I can use it for my own purposes.

A day later, I put it to the test. After getting hold of my most recent report card, my dad told me that I am going to be putting in at least an hour of effort toward my studies every night (yeah right). I happened to have some social studies homework due the next day, so I sat down with the textbook, papers and the form Approximately every fifteen minutes (as prescribed by the form), I filled in another bubble indicating that amount of time was spent on the particular task.

I’m still slacking off a bit now, but I feel like things are rolling now. I think this plan will need a week or two to settle in, at which point I will report back. Maybe i should try some of the other PCEO forms.


In my experience paper works best for getting things done. I used to do the PDA thing, outlook, etc…but bottom line, if I can’t hold it in my hand and see it, it doesn’t exist. The electronics just make things more confusing and less tangible, in my experience. Good that you found a way to dig in a bit.

For you, there is a solution known as the Hipster PDA. It is little more than multi-color index cards and a binder clip, but it can work wonders for the unorganized amongst us.