One Regents Down, Three More To Go

On this snowy Thursday was the January Math A Regents exam. Because of the bad scheduling of the BJE (Board of Jewish Education), we were stuck going in to school in the very middle of our vacation, messing up vacation plans for some of us. But let’s focus on the Regents I took today.

Going in to the exam room, I was not nervous, but I wasn’t feeling too confident. I kept on thinking to myself that I’m basically screwed. I don’t know whether it was my fault (for not studying) or the Board of Regents’ fault (for making a hard test), but the test was difficult indeed. There were questions on some topics that weren’t asked before, and they omitted certain topics that they usually include. What killed me most was the trig question in Part IV, even after attempting to use the phrase “SohCohToa” (which is highly regarded as the key to success in trig).

In the end, I did get a decent score of 86 (including a slight curve that is likely to be added to soon), which was derived from my raw score of 63. I’m not depressed that I got that grade, and I line up somewhere in the middle of my class’s range (minimum was 83 and maximum was 97 I think).

So now I have three more Regents to take, namely the Hebrew, Chemistry and Global History exams. My mom just got me the book called High Marks: Regents Chemistry Made Easy which is one of the best books available for the purpose. We are also looking for a suitable review book for the Hebrew Regents (if you know about one, please leave a comment below). Hopefully I’ll do very well on these tests.

And to continue the Bus Week spirit (read about Day One and Day Two), I took the Q46 home from school today. I got Queens Village Depot’s RTS #8999 and took it from Lake success (all the way at the very first stop) to my stop. I have recorded the segment of the trip from Little Neck Parkway to near the Grand Central Parkway.

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