Hybrid Sounds

I was able to get on the bus recently, so I brought my trusty Sandisk MP3 Player/Voice Recorder with me, and set it on record during my trips to and from Staples. I tried something new this time; I started recording as the bus was pulling in at 168 street. I also followed one of my former practices of splitting the trip up among two or three files; this helps people download them more easily, and saves my bandwidth (I uploaded three of the for clips in a ZIP file-use Windows Explorer on Windows XP, or HandyBits Zip&Go on any other version – get it here). Last but not least, here are the download links:

Trip 1 (Hybrid bus #6461) – Part I – VORC019.mp3 – 2,379 KB
Trip 1 Part II and Trip 2 (hybrid bus #6477) Part I and II – hybridclips2.zip – 7,941 KB

Trip III (Hybrid Bus #6479) – HEV_6479.mp3 – 6,490 KB

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