NYC Teen Media Meetup – Bloggers, Podcasters Wanted and Invited

It’s somewhat obvious through my review of Twitter and the establishment of my podcast that I’m getting more and more into new media, primarily consumption of new media. One of the main ideas of the new forms of media is that there should be a two-way avenue of content being released, with those who were formerly just consumers, for the most part, becoming producers. Publishing and broadcasting is no longer limited to the big names because there are so many tools available to individuals. Of course, many of those individuals happen to be of the younger crowd, and those folks have as great a reach and probably more influence over their own demographic as do the typical of-age media groups.

To emphasize how teenagers have such a strong influence in today’s media, I’d like to hold an event where teenage media producers – primarily podcasters (audio and video) and bloggers – can meet each other and share their experiences in producing new media. Since I’m located in the New York City area, I’d like to invite teens from all over the city, and those willing to come in from surrounding Westchester, Suffolk (rather far from Manhattan) and Nassau counties, and closer towns in New Jersey, to a teen media meetup in Manhattan. My goal is to hold the event sometime before the summer and at a popular public venue in Manhattan with a very social environment. Teens of the ages ~13 to 19 are invited for this special event.

If you are a teen new media lover in the metropolitan New York area, and would like to meet others who share your interest, let me know. Leave a comment below or head over to the contact page, and tell me a little bit about yourself.