Here’s the quick lowdown on what I wouldn’t like you to do on my blog:

I’m pretty sure that if you have an email address, you’ve gotten junk email (aka spam). I get it (but Gmail filters it out most of the time, about 97% of the time) too, and don’t apreciate looking through my spam folder to find messages that aren’t spam. So here’s some simple requests from anyone who posts or comments here: 1) don’t use any offensive or (yes I have to say it) inappropriate language in your comments/posts 2) don’t use this as a medium for showing your great advertisements to the world 3) remember that if you do abuse the privelege, I will a) delete your comment/post (both of which I approve of before the world sees them) b) delete your user account (if you are registered) c) if this becomes a major problem, I will disable these features for the untrustworthy and (almost) unpriveleged users. Just a quick and advanced warning.

Now for the long, more legal sounding Terms of Service.

By visiting, browsing, submitting material to, or otherwise using this Web site (the Site), you (the User) agree to the following Terms of Service:

  1. The Site is not resonsible for any fault or malfunctions of affecting the User’s computer, whether occuring before, during or after the use of the Site.
  2. Upon submitting any User generated content, the User grants the Site any and all rights to the content, including the rights to edit and delete portions of or the entire content.
  3. Any User generated content submitted to the Site is subject to approval by the Site’s operrator(s) before it appears publicly on the Site. Any content not approved by the operator(s) is subject to editing in part or whole, or complete and permanent deletion.
  4. Any User who ocnsumes an excessive amount of bandwidth or other server reources, such as those that impair the abilitiy of the Site to function, or for the Site operator(s) to manage the Site, or for other Users to use the Site will be prohibited from using the Site.
  5. Any User who is prohibited from using the site, for whatever reason, may be subject to legal action.
  6. Any User who does not agree to these Terms of Service may not use the Site until the User agrees to the Terms of Service.
  7. These Terms of Service are subject to chage at any time. The Site and its operator(s) are not responsible for any User not aware of changes made to the Terms of Service.