Subway Sounds: R-142A

Continuing my series of New York City Transit sounds, you are hereby being presented with my collection of R-142A subway car recordings. These spiffy new trains run exclusively on the 4, 5 and 6 lines in Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx (their cousins, the R-142 run on the 2 line; the R-143 on the L and M; the R-160A on the A line; and the R-160B on the N and Q lines).

Without any more distraction (my procrastination and/or fake ADD is kicking now), here are links:

  • R142A-inout-b.mp3 – succession of several trains entering and leaving what I remember to be 53rd Street on the 6 line
  • R142A-interior-d.mp3 – interior recording from Grand Central to 53rd Street
  • R142A-weirdin-a.mp3 – slowing down, speeding up, and then coming to a stop in Grand Central
  • Siemens.mp3 – very high quality – not recorded by me, but the original site is closed down, and it’s too good for anybody to miss out on – this is a very good recording, probably taken from the outside of the train

    If you are the original creator of this file, please let me know and I will respect and copyrights you have associatdd with it, and provide you with the proper attribution.

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